API Reference

Data processing class

class pyeplan.datsys(inp_folder='', lat=0.251148605450955, lon=32.404833929733, year=2016, pvcalc=1, pp=50, sys_loss=14, n_clust=1, pf_c=1, pf_p=1, sbase=1000)[source]

Data columns description as described by PVGIS:

Time = Date and hour P = PV system power (W) ** Column not included if pvcalc = 0 G(i) = Global irradiance on the inclined plane (plane of the array) (W/m2) H_sun = Sun height (degree) T2m = 2-m air temperature (degree Celsius) WS10m = 10-m total wind speed (m/s) Int = 1 means solar radiation values are reconstructed


Value of 1 for “yes”. All other values (or no value) mean “no”. Not relevant for tracking planes.


Value of 1 for “yes”. All other values (or no value) mean “no”. Not relevant for 2-axis tracking.


Choices: “csv” “basic” “json”


0 = fixed 1 = single horizontal axis aligned north-south, 2 = two-axis tracking, 3 = vertical axis tracking, 4 = single horizontal axis aligned east-west, 5 = single inclined axis aligned north-south

Routing class

class pyeplan.rousys(inp_folder='', crs=35, typ=7, vbase=415, sbase=1)[source]

Investment and Operation class

class pyeplan.inosys(inp_folder, ref_bus, dshed_cost=1000000, rshed_cost=500, phase=3, vmin=0.85, vmax=1.15, sbase=1, sc_fa=1)[source]

Display the Battery capacity investment results


Display the conventional generator capacity investment results


Display the objective cost results.


Display the curtailed load results


Display the Solar capacity investment results


Display the Wind capacity investment results

solve(solver='glpk', neos=False, invest=False, onlyopr=True, commit=False, solemail='')[source]

Solve the investment and operation problem. :param str solver: Solver to be used. Available: glpk, cbc, ipopt, gurobi :param bool network: True/False indicates including/excluding network-related constraints :param bool invest: True/False indicates binary/continuous nature of investement-related decision variables :param bool onlyopr: True/False indicates if the problem will only solve the operation or both investment and operation :param bool commit: True/False indicates if ??? :param bool neos: True/False indicates if ??? :Example: >>> import pyeplan >>> sys_inv = pyeplan.inosys(“wat_inv”, ref_bus = 260) >>> sys_inv.solve()